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I’m Ari, the seventeen-year-old self-published author of In Wildcat Hollow. Writing is a passion of mine, and I absolutely love reading about different techniques, talking to other writers, and sharpening my storytelling skills. I’m so glad you decided to pop in!

On this blog, I do my best to share valuable and informational content on writing, editing, and self-publishing. I post a blog every other Friday, and I send out a newsletter every other Monday (sign up below). I hope you find something that interests or helps you! If not, head over to the “Contact” page of my blog to send any blog post requests! See you around. ‚ô•

p.s. – head over to the “Books” section of my blog to read the synopsis of In Wildcat Hollow.

30 Character Interview Questions

If I had to choose one part of the writing process as my absolute favorite, it would be characterization. Creating characters is one of my favorite things to do. The way they come to life with their own personalities and backstories is truly magical! That being said, sometimes it’s hard to get into the mind … Continue reading 30 Character Interview Questions

Traditional Vs. Self-Publishing

It couldn’t be an (unofficial) series on publishing if we didn’t discuss both publishing paths, now would it? So, where to start? Many people know how traditional publishing works, and they trust the process, but I think a bunch of people don’t consider self publishing because they don’t trust it. Will my story be seen? … Continue reading Traditional Vs. Self-Publishing

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