A Question

Alright you guys. Confession time. I've been having some trouble coming up with relatable, original content for my blog that is not always directly associated with my WIP (because, let's be honest, I could talk about my WIP alllll dayyyy longggg, but not everyone wants to hear about that). Now, of course, my WIP is … Continue reading A Question

Random Tag

First off, thank you so much to Acacia for nominating me for this tag! I've been on a family vacation the past two weeks and have not been able to post anything, but now I'm back so you can expect the normal schedule (if you can consider my random and irregular postings a "schedule") Rules … Continue reading Random Tag


Welcome to The Library, a place to escape normal human trials and dive into tales of dragons, mermaids, princesses, knights, fairies, and talking squirrels. Well, maybe not talking squirrels.  My name is Ari D., the author of In Wildcat Hollow (a book I am working on but have not published). I’m super excited to finally be able … Continue reading Welcome!