In Wildcat Hollow

Mollyann, or Ann, as she’d rather be called, is a creative, curious, and rather stubborn two-year-old. Her long brown hair is always a tangled mess, and her hazel eyes glisten when she finds something of interest. Her older sisters try to keep her out of trouble, but she’s always stumbling upon kittens and curious things.

As Ann grows up, things change. Being a kid in the 1930s is tough, especially when you have fifteen siblings. It’s easy to get lost in the swirl of children as the middle child. But Ann’s got a mind of her own, and she won’t be forgotten for long.

This story is based on the author’s great-grandmother, Leona Brenner Rozell. She grew up near Pleasant Grove, Arkansas, in Wildcat Hollow, during the 1930s. In total, she had fifteen full, half, and step-siblings. Life was never dull with such a big family, and she told her children and grandchildren of her adventures in Wildcat Hollow. 

What the Readers Have to Say:

Jessa M.

This story is full of heart warming nostalgia. It takes you back to a time when things were simpler and family life was the center of everything.

Hallie B.

There are no words for how awesome this book was! I SO SO enjoyed reading it!


I really enjoyed reading your book! I finished it in basically one day! All I have left to say is to ask you a question. When is the next book coming out?

In Wildcat Hollow is available for purchase now!