Name Announcement!

*coming at you one day early to announce.*


The moment I’ve been looking forward to for the LONGEST time: I get to share the sequel’s name with you guys!

Before I tell y’all I just want to say that I’m so honored that you guys have stuck with me in this publishing journey. 1st with Wildcat Hollow and now with its sequel, knowing you guys are supporting me in this is such an amazing encouragement!

And now, for the announcement you’ve been waiting for.

The name is…

🥁drumroll please🥁

In Bickle’s Cove ! 

The sequel is about Ann’s time living in a little community in the Ozark Mountains named Bickle’s Cove. She grows up and gets married, finishing out the story of her childhood. It’s been so fun to write and I can’t wait until I can get back into the story for editing and rewriting!

I’m now going to take a month-long break from the story to work on another project – one I’m equally excited about! I’ll keep you guys updated as I edit In Bickle’s Cove later this year and as it gets closer to the publication date! So excited to do this again ♥ !

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