A Question

Alright you guys.

Confession time.

I’ve been having some trouble coming up with relatable, original content for my blog that is not always directly associated with my WIP (because, let’s be honest, I could talk about my WIP alllll dayyyy longggg, but not everyone wants to hear about that).

Now, of course, my WIP is the main reason I began this blog. But a lot of people seem to get bored when post after post after post after post is about the exact same subject. I know that I would get bored if I kept reading blog posts only about my book.

So I’ve done some research on what others are posting on their author blogs, and a lot of them are actually giving out writing advice, tips, and tricks. In my mind, I was thinking that no one would want to hear my writing advice because I’m inexperienced, have no published works, and am only a teenager. But in fact, most of these bloggers aren’t published authors either, or have very few books out there. Some of them are as old as me or younger!

So I want to know something, and I have a survey I made that I would love for you to fill out if you could. The survey is basically this: would you want to receive writing advice from me on this blog or not?

If you could take a moment to fill out the survey, it would be such a major help to me! I’m trying to navigate this whole blog thing and make sure that I post what y’all want to see, so if you could fill out the survey that would be great. And don’t worry about hurting my feelings.

Now, onto something else I have found that authors do on their blogs: curate an email list.

(The survey has some questions about a newsletter, just because I’m curious.)

Would you be interested in signing up for a newsletter that would go out probably once a week? If so, what would be the best day and time for you to receive it?

I have never done a newsletter before, or even thought of beginning one. I want to make sure you guys will be comfortable with it and that it will be filled with the type of material you want to see before I commit to something so large.

Anyway, here is the survey. Once you fill out the survey, if you could just hit the star button below to let me know that you have taken it, it would help me a lot! Thanks so much for taking the time to fill it out, and I will be announcing what the results are and what this blog will look like going forward next week.

Love from the Library,

Ari D.