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Hey, y’all! Has everyone been okay these past few weeks? (Months? Years? Everything’s pooling together. I can’t remember what day it is anymore). I hope y’all have been doing well, maybe finding some new hobbies or diving into some past, old, dormant hobbies.

Anyway, I’ve been blog tagged! Thank you, Cressida , for tagging me; I always enjoy doing these types of things. Annnnddd you should go follow Cressida on her blog; she’s an amazing person and writes the BEST stories!

The rules are simple:

  1. Link and thank the blogger who tagged you – thanks, Cressida!
  2. Include the graphic somewhere in your post (or make your own) – done!
  3. Answer the questions truthfully and honestly – sure!
  4. Tag three bloggers – Sadly, I know almost no one who hasn’t been tagged, so I only have one blogger I will nominate. That would be the magnificent Hannah! And any of you who would like to do this tag, feel free to do the tag it! I would LOVE to see your answers!

Alright, let’s get this party started!

Written a character that was much like someone you knew in real life (whether personality or appearance) without realizing you’d done so?

Haha yes. Most definitely. Sometimes they end up being exactly like me, but sometimes they’re like my best friends or family members or people who are close to me.

Dropped everything you were doing  so you could hurry and write down a story idea you just had that you were afraid of forgetting?

Oh, so many times! I actually have an online note in my phone that is specifically for writing down book ideas.

Picked on your own characters by making a particular scene extra challenging or annoying for them?

Yes, so many times. Not necessarily the situation that they are in, but the people they are with. I have quite a few characters that just won’t get along and it is my pride and joy to keep putting them in situations where they must agree on a solution.

Researched names that had a specific meaning for a character?

I have done this for every single main character I have ever made. I love having names that resonate with their personality or something they will learn throughout the story.

Used Google Translate (or another translator) to write a character’s dialogue in another language?  

Yes, actually. I have a bilingual character in one of my stories that speaks Spanish when she is frustrated.

Celebrated the birthdays of your characters?

I haven’t done this, actually, but I think it would be fun!

Found someone (in real life or on the internet) that looked or acted a lot like your character after having already created your character?

Umm, yes, actually. It’s just random move actors mainly, but sometimes I find real people who remind me very strongly of my characters.

Found yourself so connected with your character that you were able to feel their every emotion as if it were your own?

Yes, often. Especially with one specific character. I feel like we have a special bond. (That’s not weird, is it?)

Struggled so much while writing a difficult scene, you had to give yourself a break to regain brain cells?

Yes, but not so much the difficult scenes as much as the boring ones. I stick to a strict rule of “show don’t tell” and it is so incredibly hard in scenes that don’t have much action or dialogue than scenes that have crazy action.

Found a song or poem that fit perfectly with your character?

Oh, so many songs that I’ve found that resemble my character so much, I honestly wonder if it was the character who wrote it.

Made a playlist for a particular character, group of characters, or novel?

I had a playlist for every main character I am currently writing with my four WIPs but they took up too much storage so I changed to just one playlist per novel, which works out the best.

Began writing in a novel you started ages ago?

Yes, I actually found a novel I started when I was around ten and have begun rewriting it. It is not the same storyline, but the characters are the same.

Attempted to cosplay (or dress up) as your character?

Not really. I’ve never been into dressing up, though.

Thought of your characters as your children?

Not necessarily my children, but definitely my friends.

Used a random name generator to pick out a name?

I use random name generators to either decide between two names or pick names for supporting roles.

Dedicated a whole page to express how a character was a feeling?

Hmmm. I don’t think so. I’m not that great at describing feelings, but I’m certainly working on it.

Have people picked out in your mind to play your characters in a live action film (or to voice your characters in a cartoon)?

Yes, I actually have a running list of movie actors I want to play my characters. It’s a wonderful list, and I love looking at it. It reminds me that anything is a possibility if I will sit and write the book.

Read something so moving, you immediately felt like writing?

Yes, mainly poetry. I don’t read poetry often, but when I read things that are truly deep and personal, it inspires me to write.

Used writing as a way to destress?

Yes. I look forward to my writing time in my writing spot every day. I literally count down the tasks I have to do until I can go and write, haha.

Had a conversation with your character in your head (or aloud)?

Oh yes. We’ve had conversations, arguments, debates, you name it. They seem especially talkative when I’m trying to do some school work for some reason.

Discovered a new hobby or appreciation after searching for something for a novel?

Not necessarily a new hobby but I have found a new appreciation, and that is all the history majors out there. Wow. Just, wow. I can’t even explain my awe of people who can just read about history for ages and ages.

Imagined what it would be like to be friends with your characters?

Imagined? I am friends with my characters. Sometimes. Sometimes they’re jerks and we don’t speak for a while.

Imagined what it would be like to be inside your novel?

Oh yes. And the thought is terrifying.

Given your characters your anxious or nervous habits (or ticks)?

Yes. Most definitely, yes.

Drawn your characters or a place in your novel?

I’m not an artist but I have a few half-hearted attempts of character sketches and buildings from my novel.

Okay, now onto the questions for my nominee:

  1. Have you ever read a book, or about a certain character, that moved you so much that you created almost the exact same book (or character)?
  2. Ever listened to a song and written a character based on it?
  3. Ever sobbed, laughed out loud, or gotten angry re-reading a scene that you wrote?
  4. Ever wrote something you were so incredibly proud of and then re-read it the next morning and absolutely hated it?
  5. Ever started a novel you didn’t finish?
  6. Ever started what you planned on being a short story but it turned into a full-length novel?
  7. Ever started a novel that turned into a short story?
  8. Ever written between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.?
  9. Ever created maps of your fictional world?
  10. Ever researched something shady for your writing project?
  11. Ever written a novel completely by hand?
  12. Ever had a conversation with your character (in your head or out loud)?
  13. Ever written down dreams to use in future novels?
  14. Ever written or typed so long that your wrists start hurting?
  15. Ever procrastinated work or homework because you wanted to write soooo bad?
  16. Ever fallen asleep while writing?
  17. Ever make notes in your WIP while re-reading it that look something like this: omg wow why is this just wow do I even know how to write?
  18. Ever used “I’m writing” as an excuse?
  19. Ever spilled a drink (or food) on your laptop while writing?
  20. Ever published an unedited story to the internet or your blog or Wattpad?
  21. Ever laughed like an evil villain while writing a scene?
  22. Ever killed a character that was based off of an actual person?
  23. Ever drank multiple cups of tea while writing?
  24. Ever thought your writing was terrible and almost deleted the whole thing but didn’t?

Okay, and that wraps up the blogger tag! I can’t wait to see Hannah’s answers on her blog, and you should totally head over there within the next couple days and check out her answers.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and have a great quarantine weekend!

Love from the Library,

Ari D.

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