My Return! (And An Apology)

Hey guys. How’s life been to you? I know it seems like I disappeared off the face of the earth for nearly a year. Sorry about that.

I don’t have a very good excuse for it except laziness and forgetfulness. I had planned on posting more and I actually ended up posting less so that was my bad.

But now I plan on recommitting to this website and to all of you, the faithful librarians! I have new content that I am excited to share, and a new WIP that I can’t wait to tell you all about :).

So, in other words, sorry I left, and now I’m back. Hope to reconnect with you all shortly, and welcome back to The Library!

Love from The Library,

Ari D.

P. S. I found an AMAZING writing spot in my house and am super excited about it! It’s right in the middle of our library and has a window with a wonderful view outside. Hopefully it can stem my creativity and help fight off writers block. So excited to test it out!

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      1. Great! I just started back into my blog too. It’s a little rough at first but we’ll get back up and running again!

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