Character Interview – Kaleb Garrett

Hi guys! Today I have decided to interview one of the main characters of my book, Lightning Eyes. There are eight main characters, not including the three evil main characters. I’m still not sure I’m going to let them do an interview (they tend to make things unnecessarily dark).

My first interview will be from Kaleb Garrett. Please enjoy as you get to know him and his backstory :).

Me – Good morning, Mr. Garrett!

Kaleb – Oh, please, don’t call me Mr. Garrett. Call me Kaleb.

Me – Oh, okay, Kaleb. How are you this early morning?

Kaleb – I’m alright. It is definitely an early morning; I normally don’t wake up until eight or so.

Me – Okay, well let’s get started. What is your full name?

Kaleb – Kaleb Jordan Garrett.

Me – And what does your name mean?

Kaleb – My name means ‘faithful and brilliant leader’.

Me – Interesting. Do you consider yourself to live up to that title?

Kaleb – Not really. But I must become the next Anerr of Kantii, so I guess eventually I will become a leader.

Me – So, for the sake of those reading this interview, when you say ‘Anerr of Kantii,’ what do you mean?

Kaleb – Oh, right. In Ethosein, where I live, we have rulers called Anerrs who rule and organize small pieces of land. The eldest child of the Anerr has to become the next Anerr, so I’ll be Anerr when my Father dies.

Me – So, you don’t have any older siblings, but do you have younger ones?

Kaleb – I have one younger sister, Evelynn. She’s almost fourteen and definitely my Father’s favorite. I also have some half-siblings, but we never get along.

Me – Why don’t you get along with your half-siblings?

Kaleb – *pauses to think* I guess I hold them accountable for what happened a couple of years ago. It’s very hard for me to ‘forgive and forget’ as the saying goes.

Me – And would you be okay with telling us what happened?

Kaleb – Well, long story short, my Father divorced my Mom so he could marry another woman freely. But as the laws go, he had to keep me, Evelynn, and my Mom at his home so he could train me to be the next Anerr. His new wives mock my Mom, but we aren’t allowed to leave because I have to learn how to be the Anerr.

Me – Hmm. I’m sorry, Kaleb. *Changes subject* What is your Myers Briggs personality?

Kaleb – ISFJ

Me – So you consider yourself an introvert?

Kaleb – I’m only an extrovert when I’m with my best friend, Raiden Yatel, who is such an extrovert it isn’t even funny. We can barely have a conversation; we’re always talking over each other. *Chuckles*

Me – *Laughs* The final question is, if you could change one thing about your world, what would it be and why?

Kaleb – If I could change one thing about Ethosein, I would change the rule forcing the first born of every family to take either their father’s or mother’s job; I believe everyone should be free to chose whatever future they wish.

Me – That’s a wonderful thing to change. Maybe when you’re the Anerr you can start working on it.

Kaleb – Maybe.

Me – Well, thank you for your time, Kaleb. I look forward to interviewing your friends, especially Raiden. Have a nice day!

Kaleb – You too, and thank you again for inviting me.


So, did you enjoy it? I have to admit, this was so much fun to write! I will definitely be doing more character interviews, so keep a look out. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Love from the Library,